WinMount 3.4

WinMount is a perfect virtual disk and and a very easy-to-use drive creator
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WinMount enables you to create virtual CD and hard-disk drives on your PC and use any ISO, ZIP, VCD, IMG, CUE, BIN, WMT, RAR or NRG file as a virtual disk. One thing that makes this program different from others of its kind is its capability to create virtual hard-disk drives and to mount zipped or compressed files without decompressing any file. You can also modify any compressed archive and the contents of its files while mounted on a virtual drive. However, if you want to keep the changes you made, you need to save those files separately, as the mounted files cannot be overwritten.

The program also carries a built-in image converter and creator that allows you to convert CD/DVD images between ISO, ZIP, VCD, IMG, CUE, BIN, WMT, RAR, and NRG image formats for further use. The program also has a file browser that shows you a folder tree to allow you to locate your files and folders easily while creating virtual CDs and images. You can also password-protect any CD image or compressed file using its built-in encryption tool. Its easy user interface and its powerful features make the program perfect for users of all skill levels.

In short, the program is a perfect virtual drive and disk creator that can both save your CD-stored priceless data and save your CD-ROM from reading scratched CDs. Its support for all the most popular CD-image formats makes data sharing between multiple computers much easier.

jasminder singh
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  • Easy to use.
  • Well managed tool-bar and built-in image creator/converter.
  • Can create multiple virtual drives on your PC for better data management


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